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Inspirational Jewellry

These inspirational skin jewels sparkle with Swarovski crystals and shimmer with a happy, feel-good vibe. Wear what's in your heart. Let the world know you're filled with love and faith. Shape your world, create a beautiful reality for yourself. Keep your positive energy flowing with pretty crystal body art as a reminder.

Share What's In Your Heart

Gift friends and family with uplifting crystal body art messages, including our beautiful Walk By Faith Daisy and our lovely Believe designs. Trendy and stylish, these rhinestone tattoos can be worn anywhere, including on the shoulder, arm and the lower back.

Lasting Sentiments

Our inspirational skin jewels are easy to apply and remove. After taking off, store your crystal art carefully, so you can reapply. Like the sentiments expressed by these inspirational skin jewels, this crystal body art is made to last, so they can be worn again and again. These rhinestone tattoos are waterproof and can be worn in the pool or the hot tub.  

Walk By Faith Daisy -